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                Water Based Glue Fabric Laminating Machine

                Vertical mesh belt compound machine (alias: water glue compound machine, glue compound machine, glue laminating machine, fabric compound machine), mainly suitable for gluing and laminating sponge, cloth, EVA, artificial leather, artificial cotton and other materials .

                It is mainly used for gluing and laminating raw materials in shoemaking, hat making, gloves, leather clothes, bags, car seat cushions, toys and other industries.

                Technical parameter:

                1. Equipment name: vertical mesh belt compound machine

                2. Specification model: CX-001 1800mm

                3. Gluing method: scraping glue

                4. Drying drum specification: 1200/1500×1800 (customer can customize)

                5. Heating method: electric heating (steam heating or heat conduction oil heating)

                6. Motor power: 3KW+1.5KW/3HP+2HP

                7. Composite speed: 0~30m/min

                8. Dimensions: 6800mm×2400mm×2400mm (L×W×H)


                1. The vertical mesh belt composite machine uses glue as an adhesive, and presses it with a high temperature resistant mesh belt to make the composite material fully contact with the drying cylinder, improve the drying effect, and make the processed material soft, washable and fast .

                2. The mesh belt of this machine has an automatic infrared deflection adjustment device, which can effectively prevent the mesh belt from deviation and prolong the service life of the mesh belt.

                3. The heating system of this machine is divided into two groups. Users can choose the heating method (one group or two groups) according to their needs, which can effectively save energy and reduce production costs.

                4. Customers can choose DC motor or inverter linkage according to their needs, so that the machine has better controllability.

                Post time: Dec-09-2022