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                Semi/Automatic Feeding Foam Cutting Machine

                It’s widely used in various fields,such as foam, leather, rubber, sponge,EVA, PVC, car cushion,felt,home textiles, synthetic materials,packaging materials, non woven, carpet,blister?packaging,sandpaper,medicine,PP,PE,EPE,EPP,EPS,rubber,protective clothing, film, jigsaw puzzle, chocolate, filter material,tablecloth,glove and other non-metallic materials,etc.

                We have?single and double-side working tables?cutting machine,which are very popular in packing foam and plastic cutting,then double-side working tables has its limit in feeding length,more suitable to cut foam into pieces.

                Double-side working cutting press,it has good features as below:

                1.With touching screen, to set and micro-adjust working pressure,controlled by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) cutting depth, feeding speed easier, faster and more precise.high speed double side automatic machine feeding punch press

                2.Four-column and self-balance connecting rod, auto-balance structure of double-cylinder makes sure equal pressure in any working area.

                high speed double side automatic machine feeding punch press

                3.Powered by hydraulic system, slow down when the cutting die touches the material, to confirm the precision between upper and bottom for thick materials.

                high speed double side automatic machine feeding punch press

                4.Double automatic working tables, increases the output twice or triple.

                high speed double side automatic machine feeding punch press

                5.Central automatic lubrication system, increases machine durability, prolong the cutting machine working time.

                Last week ,we already shipped one set of this machine to India,mainly used for packing foam,Machine parameters for 100T?as below:

                Cutting force:100T

                Stroke adjustment range:20-150mm

                Distance from top plate to table:0-130mm

                Motor power: 11KW+2.2*2KW

                Working table size:1200*1000mm

                Dimension : 2100x2000x1500mm

                Total weight: 4200kg

                Power supply:380V/50HZ

                Fuel tank capcity: 380L

                Remark : cutting force from 50 tons to 300?tons, cutting area 610/710/810/910*1400/1600*1800mm,or customizable.

                Packaging Details: standard export wooden case with plastic?film?or as customer’s request.

                We have developed?various?kinds of cutting machines,?such as,?auto-feeding cutting?machine for foam sheets or kitchen sponge?sheets,?fully auto feeding and cutting by conveyor belt?for thin materials rolls,automatic blister packing machine, as we know ,automatic cutting machines help to speed up production, as well saves laborers.

                Any more details,please contact us or?website?”?www.diannaozhou.com’,we will send all the related information to you asap.

                Post time: Mar-11-2022