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                Pur Hot Melt Glue Laminating Machine


                1. TPU Film + Fabric: PU/TPU /PE//PTFE film, etc

                2. PU Foam + Fabric: bra, car?interior,cushion?etc

                3. EVA + PU or Artificial Leather,etc.

                4. EVA + Fabric : shoes materials,footwear,etc.

                5. Fabric + Fabric:textile,?fleece, nylon, velvet, terry cloth,etc

                6.Medical material

                7.Diving fabrics.

                1.TEXTILE INDUSTRY: non-woven products,TPU,PE,PTFE,non-woven,fabrics ,artificial leather
                2.?AUTO INDUSTRY: Auto traveling head ceiling decoration,post ,cardoor fabric layer.
                3.?CLOTH INDUSTRY: Outdoor sportswear,the field of military fatigues,fire control and police clothing ,medical and health category?of clothing underwear ,warm clothing ,cold protective clothing and other functional clothing.
                4.HEALTH CARE:?medial clothing ,protective clothing etc.
                5.FILTER MATERIALS:PTFE.PE thin film processing ,used for sewage and air filter and etc
                6.SHOE INDUSTRY:shoe lining ,insole.
                1.The hot melt used containing no solvent ,is an ideal green environment protective ?glue,produce no pollution?emissions ,save energy.

                2.The hot melt without water,no need to drying ,laminate speedly
                3.The laminating process?have wet and?solid reaction,irreversible,firm adhesion, washable.
                4.With?small amount of diversified design,save cost,digital control system,regardless of speed radio,clearance and?temperature control,that makes the operation is better.

                5.Base material have no tension,soft and light,feels good .
                6.The heat source is the oil heating ,fast heating ,and heat evenly
                7.The melt system is independent ,the melt is full and speedly.
                8.The board is humanized design,save operating staff and makes small area of set up.

                Post time: Dec-09-2022