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                How to Buy a Die Cutting Press Macine ?

                How to choose a cutting machine? It's not an easy question to get answers. Below is just our suggestions for refrences. In a word first, According to your demand and planning, as well to machines of cutting mode, structure, and usages.

                1.Cutting Mode:
                ★ Hydraulic die cutting machine in manual mode, modern popular.
                ★ Full automatic hydraulic die cutting machine,
                ★ Computer-controlled vibration knife cutting machine: advanced conventional cutting machine, using blade instead of cutting die/steel rule. Computer controlled moving cutting axle bring cutting head with different tools which can be changed for different demand for materials and effect. Cutting process is bases on computer process.

                2.Depend Machine Structure
                ★ Swing arm clicker press. Cutting part is movable arm, can die cut leather, PU, PVC and other non-metal materials.
                ★ Hydraulic Travelling head die cutting machine. Cutting part is the movable head on the top beam. Cutting die can be set to the moving head, or on the materials. Big CNC automatic travelling head cutting machine can make rotary device to change the cutting direction which can save materials. And of course, automatic feeding system is available to work with the machine.
                ★ Hydraulic Plane die cutting machine. Compare with precision hydraulic cutting machine, plane cutting machine is mechanical driving, and without auto-balance structure, speed can be fast, but cutting effect can not keep long term.
                ★ Precision 4 columns hydraulic cutting machine. Double-cylinder, four-column, ?auto-balance connecting rod, to keep the cutting precision.and compare with the hydraulic plane cutting machine ,the structure is more stable .

                3.According to Usages and Features
                ★ The material type you want to cut,like fabric ,foam or leather etc as you want .
                ★ Material is in rolls or in sheet ,and one layer cutting or several layers cutting together.
                ★ The thickness of materials .
                ★ Max cutting die you have .

                Post time: Nov-22-2021