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                Anyone who has used a swing arm cutting machine knows that if the cutting machine is used for a long time, such as a large amount of debris, if it cannot be removed in time, it will inevitably affect the use of the cutting machine..

                There are many of this type cutting machines, among which the swing arm cutting machine is one of them. The cleaning of the swing arm cutting machine must be done every day. After all, this is to ensure that the swing arm cutting machine can operate normally every day.

                Of course, effective maintenance and maintenance can extend the service life of the swing arm cutting machine to a certain extent, so every operator of the swing arm ?cutting machine attaches great importance to the daily maintenance of the equipment.

                In fact, the cleaning and maintenance work of the daily maintenance swing arm ?cutting machine is not complicated, it can even be said to be very simple, but it will not despise this kind of work because of its simplicity.

                Machinery production is a significant increase in productivity, of course, no matter what the machine will inevitably have some problems in the long run, large production enterprises must have a dedicated machinery maintenance department.

                Large-scale equipment such as swing arm ?arm cutting machine manufacturers is also an inevitable failure. The need for fault maintenance is inevitable, and the swing arm cutting machine is a more complex machine, so its maintenance personnel maintenance process is more complicated. After all, if the repair process is improper, it is likely to cause more problems, especially the reduction of cutting accuracy, etc. The following is a summary of some of your experience from the specific cutting machine manufacturers. I hope everyone can be in the swing arm cutting machine repair process. can be of some help.

                1: if there is any abnormal sound when starting up, it is necessary to stop the detection of the power supply immediately;

                2: in the punching machine, make the cutting die platen completely cover the prohibition of personnel pressure close to the machine transverse structure domain, adjust the motor to turn off when leaving the machine;

                3: After the machine has been shut down for more than 24 hours, relax the handwheel fixing method to avoid injury to other parts;

                4: Please keep in touch with the company’s professional teachers, and report the specific situation of the cutting machine to the company’s technical staff;

                5: Do not let the nuts of any terminals loose, it may also be bad motors and wires, and lack of phase operation may cause burning and material loss;

                6: There must be enough space around to provide conditions for the placement of the machine, and provide enough space for the maintenance of the machine to check;

                7: In order to avoid the danger of electric shock, the grounding terminal should be grounded reliably when in use, pay attention to the need to keep hands dry, and require relevant professionals to operate;

                8: When starting the mechanical work, the oil problem must be controlled to further operate within a certain range. When the temperature of the oil is too low, the oil pump needs to continue until a certain period of time, detected by the oil temperature reaching 10 ℃ (50? When F) , the oil pump to show its effectiveness;

                9: The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank should be replaced after about a quarter of use, especially the new oil needs to be paid attention to. After installing or changing the oil, use the new machine for about 1 month, and the oil net must be cleaned. Replace the hydraulic oil The fuel tank must be thoroughly cleaned..

                Post time: Sep-17-2022