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                The products that serve the health needs of the population. According to WHO, these products should be available “at all times, in adequate amounts, in the appropriate dosage forms, with assured quality and adequate information, and at a price the individual and the community can afford”.

                Laminating Machine

                • Dot paster coating machine

                  Dot paster coating machine

                  power supply:380V, 50Hz

                  Installed capacity:About 120KW

                  Roller surface width: 4200mm

                  Drip method:Round net

                  Oven length:16m

                  heating method:Electric heating

                • Sandpaper laminating machine

                  Sandpaper laminating machine

                  The sandpaper flannelette laminating machine (also known as sandpaper laminating machine, or Velcro sandpaper laminating machine) is specially designed to produce sanding discs in sandpaper deep processing industry. The principle of the machine is to ensure that sandpaper is laminated with flannelette after water-based glue is spread on sandpaper to form a tear resistant compound material which can be cut into various specifications of finished sanding discs by the cutting machine. The machine is applicable for in sandpaper deep processing industry and other industry.

                • Self-adhesive laminating machine

                  Self-adhesive laminating machine

                  Model No.:JK-1300-ALM

                  Roll width:1300mm

                  Lamination speed:0~10m/min

                  Motor power:10kw

                  Voltage:380V 3phase 50hz

                  Total Power:55kw

                  heating power:45kw

                  Oven length:8m

                  Dimensions (L × W × H):14500×2000×1800mm

                  Machine weight:3500kg

                • Bronzing machine

                  Bronzing machine

                  ★ The use of a new scraper mechanism, adjustable and reliable knife.

                  ★ The use of semi-open hot air circulation oven, cloth convenient, accurate temperature.

                  ★ The discharge device has a constant tension discharge mechanism, so that the material maintained in a tight state, the other configuration manual adjustment device, you can ensure that the material in the correct position to run;

                  ★ The glue device has two functions, you can use oily glue and water-based glue; glue on the needs of the site can be easily adjusted. In the case of

                  ★ Traction composite device will be coated with the composite material and composite materials, the traction into the oven heating.

                • Flame laminating machine

                  Flame laminating machine

                  ★ Laminate SPONGE with fabrics,leather,synthetic leather,woven or non woven,PVC and other materils;

                  ★ Use flame retardent sponge;

                  ★?Liquefied natural gas (LNG),save energy and reduce production cost;

                  ★ No need glue,so free pollution;

                  ★?Water cooling or air colling system will ensure the lamination effect;

                • PUR hot melt glue laminating machine

                  PUR hot melt glue laminating machine

                  ★ The hot melt used containing no solvent ,is an ideal green environment protective glue,produce no pollution emissions ,save energy.

                  ★ The hot melt without water,no need to drying ,laminate speedly

                  ★ The process of laminating have wet and solid reaction, irreversible ,firm adhesion, washable

                  ★ With small amount of diversified design,save cost,digital control system,regardless of speed radio,clearance and temperature control,that makes the operation is better. 5. Base maerial have no tension,soft and light,feels good .

                  ★ The heat source is the oil heating ,fast heating ,and heat evenly

                  ★ The melt system is independent ,the melt is full and speedly.

                  ★ The board is humanized design,save operating staff and makes small area of set up.

                • PU glue sofa fabric laminating machine

                  PU glue sofa fabric laminating machine

                  ★ Use glue as a binder, and the use of glue dot transfer technology in the form of evenly transferred to the fabric on the fabric, and then with the fabric to make it into one. laminated material feel soft, breathable, fastness good, washable, dry cleaning.

                  ★ Feeder is equipped with automatic hydraulic correction device, pneumatic correction device, conveyor belt, sub-wire device, the opening device, blowing device, with high automation procedures, effectively reduce the operator, reduce equipment costs.

                  ★ The machine with a cooling device, so that the laminated material to reduce the temperature quickly to ensure better laminated effect.

                  ★ The machine use frequency linkage, to achieve the whole machine synchronous speed, so that the machine has a better handling.

                • Water based glue laminating machine

                  Water based glue laminating machine

                  ★ The vertical mesh belt laminating machine uses glue as a binder and is pressed with a high temperature resistant mesh belt to make the composite material fully contact the drying cylinder, improve the drying effect, and make the processed material soft, washable and fast.

                  ★ The mesh belt of this machine is equipped with an automatic infrared ray adjustment device, which can effectively prevent the belt from deviation and prolong the service life of the mesh belt.

                  ★ The heating system of this machine is divided into two groups. Users can choose the heating method (one group or two groups) according to their needs, which can effectively save energy and reduce production costs.

                  ★ Customers can choose DC motor or inverter linkage according to their needs, so that the machine has better maneuverability.