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                22 Ton Hydraulic Swing Arm Die Clicker Press Machine

                Short Description:

                ★ Suitable for all kinds of nonmetal materials, and widely used.

                ★ Safe ,two-hand operate the switch,?rocker cutting head?rotates freely, easy operation.

                ★ Equipped with automatic oil supply and lubrication system,reduce wear and extend service life.

                ★ Cutting travel is automatically controled by the time meter, after the height of the die cutting.

                Product Detail

                Product Tags

                PRODUCT FEATURES

                ★ The machine?is with the die, which can design to any patterns, like sole, bag pattern, book pattern etc. It also can cut other materials and shapes as you want.
                ★ Higher cutting speed with lower energy consumption★
                ★ Using time control can allow for simple and convenient setting of cutter depth.
                ★ Equipped with lubricating system to lessen wear and prolong service life.
                ★ Lower limit of stroke is controlled by a time-lapse circuit with high precision, so it can make high-quality products.
                ★ Control push buttons to ensure positive safety.


                As a leading Swing Arm Clicker Press manufacturer & factory,Jeakar have developed Both for OEM and own brand clicker press manufacturing in the past 30 years.
                Thanks to the kindly cooperation of many years of European engineers and many years of production management system, which makes our quality exactly the same as in Europe and America. Won the praise and support of customers.
                We believe that if you are looking for a partner, or want to buy a swing arm clicker press in order to improve production, then we are one of your best choices.


                It is widely used to cut leather, plastic, paper-board, fabric, chemical fibre, toy, soft wood pieces,?Shoe Insoles,?height Increasing Insoles and various kinds of synthetic materials for cutting one layer or layers and is first choice for small leather cutting .



                Cutting force 22T
                Table area 900×430mm
                Swing arm width 370*500mm
                Cutting stroke 90mm
                Oil capacity 32L
                Motor power 1.1KW
                Electric Supply Voltage 220v or 380v
                Packing size 1000×1000×1500mm
                N.W(with oil) 690kg
                G.W 700kg



                1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company??
                A: Yes,we are a factory. you are most welcomed to visit us
                2.Q:Where is your factory located??
                A: Our factory is located in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China, about 4 hours from Shanghai.All clients, are warmly welcome to visit us!
                3.Q:What is the material of your products??
                A: The material is mainly steel,Cast iron(Ductile cast iron) We can also choose material as customer`s?requirements.
                4.Q: What is your MOQ of this item??
                A: 1 set per style
                5.Q: What is the lead time?
                ?A: It depends on your order quantity. Normal size laminating machine costs 20 days,and large sizes asks for 2 months.
                6.Q: Is it all right to make customer's own brand name??
                A: That’s all right to make your own brand name.

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