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                150 Ton Fully automatic hydraulic beam press machine

                Short Description:

                1. Maximum cutting force 1500KN

                2. Stroke adjustment range 0-145mm

                3. The distance between pressing plate and workbench is 20-165mm

                4. Workbench area 2300 mm (width) × 1400mm (deep)

                5. Overall dimension (l*w*h) 5800 × three thousand and four hundred × 1600mm

                6. The production speed is 3-5 times / minute, about 4 meters / minute

                7. Conveyor belt width 2300mm

                8. Pneumatic with automatic tool clamping die device

                9. Machine weight 14500kg

                10. Power supply 380v/50hz

                11. Fuel tank volume 450L

                Product Detail

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                PRODUCT FEATURES

                1.?This machine is suitable for fully automatic unloading of blister materials in the packaging industry.

                2.?This machine adopts double oil cylinders and a precise four-column double crank connecting rod balance structure to ensure the same cutting depth at each cutting position.

                3.?The unique setting structure, coordinated with the cutting knife and cutting depth setting, makes the stroke adjustment simple and accurate.

                4.?This machine adopts PLC, touch screen control, can set the working pressure and various parameter settings, fault point detection, etc., the operation is simple and fast.

                5.?All sliding parts adopt the central oil supply automatic lubrication system to ensure the service life and accuracy of the machine.

                6.?The oil cylinder adopts a high-stroke oil cylinder, which is a concave-convex mold suitable for packaging materials. It has the advantages of fast working speed, stable pressure, and low oil temperature.

                7.?The discharging system is driven by a servo motor with fast speed and high precision.



                Cutting pressure 150T


                Stroke adjustment 0-145mm


                Distance from top to work table 20-165mm


                Work table size 2300mm*1400mm


                Working speed 3-5times per minute


                Conveyor belt width 2300mm


                Voltage 380 3phase 50hz


                Hydraulic oil capacity 450mm


                Dimension 5800*3400*1600mm


                Weight 14500kgs


                Jeakar machine keep developing in hydraulic presses solutions for any kinds of production including gaskets,paper, foam & rubber,fabric, packaging, leather,abrasives, paper,plastics, auto interior components, composites, industrial textiles, bags and shoes and leather products,auto parts,electronics etcFrom classic cutting? press to customized machine.

                Jeakar Cutting is in the business of providing cutting machines that keep the manufacturing process running smoothly.Following machine is sold very well: swing arm clicker press , four column cutting press ,travel? head cutting machine ,automatic conveyor belt cutting machine ,automatic receding head cutting machine etc .

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