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                100 Ton Single side automatic feeding four column cutting press

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                It is widely used for continuous cutting for soft material.like foam ,leather ,fabric etc .

                PRODUCT FEATURES

                ★ This machine adopts six-column guide, four oil cylinders, precision double-link automatic balance mechanism, four-column block fine-tuning mechanism to ensure the die-cutting speed and accuracy of the machine, all sliding connection parts adopt central oil supply automatic lubrication device to make Wear is minimized.
                ★ Due to the high precision of the cutting balance, the loss of the die and the cutting board can be greatly reduced, the cutting edge has a better effect, and the consumption of the cutting conveyor belt can be further reduced.
                ★ Conveyor part is controlled by PLC. The material is input from one side of the machine driven by a servo motor. After die-cutting, the material is output from the other side to ensure accurate feeding and stable operation; and the feeding length can be conveniently adjusted through the touch screen, and fault display information is convenient for the machine. Maintain.
                ★ The central automatic lubrication system ensures the accuracy of the machine and improves the durability of the machine.
                ★ The machine is equipped with infrared photoelectric safety protection device, equipped with safety protection isolation cover, making the operation safer.
                ★ The fixed clamping device of the knife mold makes it convenient and quick to change the knife mold.
                ★ The input and output of materials are transported on the conveyor belt, and the die cutting and punching of the materials are also automatically completed on the conveyor belt.


                Single side auto feeding cutting machine is widely used for garment,shoemaking ,leather ,sponge ,luggage and baggage ,automobile decoration,hats ,woods ,plastic packing ,packing ,toys ,stationery ,plyurethane preocessing and air conditioner refrigeration etc



                Cutting force 100T
                Work table size 650*1200 mm2
                Cutting area 350*1100 mm2
                Feeding plate size 2500*1000 mm
                Stroke adjustment range 10-100 mm
                Distance top to table 50-170 mm
                Cutting speed Within 3s
                Motor Power 7.5Kw+2Kw
                Voltage 380v/50hz
                Dimensions (L*W*H) 5500*1900*1400mm3
                Total Weight 5700Kg
                Fuel tank capacity 180L

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